However, Perdigão had to adapt its slaughterhouses in order to meet the requirements and rituals of the Islamic religion. This established the beginning of a long-lasting relationship and led Brazil to be one of the largest exports of chicken meat.

A few years later, the company expanded its sales through Europe and Far East, solid partnerships were made supplying products according to the client''s various demands.

In the nineties, Perdigão proved, once again, its capacity to keep pace with the demand for agility and quality of the international food market. Professionals took over the management and the exports of high value added products started.

The Rio Verde Complex, one of the largest agroindustrial complex in Latin America, started its operation in 2000, as well as, Perdigão''s first commercial office abroad, in the United Kingdom.

Perdix was launched in 2001 as a premium and global brand, strengthening company''s position.

In 2002, Perdigão received the award "Prêmio Cidadania Brasil de Exportadores" (Brazilian Citizenship Exporters Award) in the category "Exporter of the Year", granted by the Ministry of External Relations, "Agência de Promoção de Exportações - APEX" (Agency of Exportation Promotion), Brazilian Institute of Citizenship Development and Arabic-Brazilian Commercial Chamber.

In 2002, two new international offices were set: in United Arab Emirates and in Holland.

Far East office, based in Singapore, was established in 2004. In the same year the company export average was around 60.000 ton of products per month.">