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Cibahia Special Tobaccos
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Cibahia Tabacos Especiais Ltda.

Fone:  +55 ( 11 ) 4472-8400

Rua Aparicio Correia De Godoy, 167
Jd Sagrado Coraçao
Itapevi / SP
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Cibahia Tobaccos was founded in 1993, in the city of Feira de Santana, inland of Bahia by directors Francisco Barreto and Jose Henrique Barreto.

A demanding market to attend the biggest niche of consumers in Brazil created the company: the low income consumers. With a difficult beginning and lots of learning, the biggest challenge was the preposition to produce cigarettes and its own brands to foreign countries, always offering market excellence.

In 1998, the company moved to a bigger and more complete industrial complex in the city of Itapevi, inland of Sao Paulo; always working with primary processing as well as secondary, within a modern standard, producing tobacco cigarettes at all levels of the international market, accomplishing success and growth.

The strong presence in the international market, made viable in 2005, the achievement of a dream -- the company stepped in the internal Brazilian market, offering consumers the best tobacco that was only commercialized internationally before.

In 2006, the international launching of the famous Little Cigar, registered a historic event for the company and the national tobacco market. This product brought a revolution because of its daring preposition for a segment that did not exist in Brazil.

Nowadays, the mission of Cibahia is to bring innovative and high quality products, always launching brands that were only produced for the international market, and the increase portfolio because of the introduction of hashed tobacco, that has superior differentials and is conquering the Brazilian market.

 Basic Information
 Company Name:
Cibahia Tabacos Especiais Ltda.
 Company Type:
Limited Company, LLC
Corporationis a joint stock company, that is basically a legally constituted business corporation with capital stock.

Limited Company, LLC is a company that may take the form of a simple company or a business corporation, that is organized to give its owners limited liability.

Sole Proprietor is someone who owns an unincorporated business by himself or herself.

Other means any type of entity other than above, which owing to partial or unlimited liability. These include limited partnerships, general partnerships and joint ventures.

 Year of Establishment:
 Contact Info.
 Contact Person:
Mr. Jose Enrique Barredo
 Street Address:
Rua Aparicio Correia De Godoy , 167 - 137 / Jd Sagrado Coraçao
Itapevi / SP
 Postal Code:
+55 ( 11 ) 4472-8400
 Trade & Market
 Main Markets:
Middle East
North America
Western Europe


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