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Pinguim Industria e Comercio de Radiadores Ltda
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Pinguim Industria e Comercio de Radiadores Ltda

Fone:  +55 ( 11 ) 3856-6471
Fax:  +55 ( 11 ) 3856-6472

Rua Madalena de Madureira, 151
Sao Paulo / SP
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Established in 1958 the Pinguim Radiadores initiated its activities as a specialized workplace in the maintenance and sale of radiators.

In the beginning of the 1980s we also turned to the distribution of the product, and has for about 15 years transformed its factory.

Nowadays the Pinguim Radiadores is one of the most known and respected marks of the Brazilian market in radiators.

  • Customer Service and Support: We count on a qualified selling team with highly directed attendance to solve the necessities of our customers. We value and stimulate the initiative and creativity, searching to keep a favorable, motivator and dynamic environment to offer an attendance with efficient quality in which we always believe be the best to our customers.
  • Commitment to Customer: The customer is the reason of our existence! We search since his first contact with the company to satisfy his necessities through the selling attendance, in the product´s elaboration that take care of to the technical specifications in the fulfilment of the delivery stated period and in our of after-selling attendance. Commitment of respect and satisfaction with the customer, this is the reason of the Pinguim Radiadores .
  • Social Responsibility: It is part of our work philosophy, not only offer chances to the most located professionals for each function but also to open the doors to the professionals who initiate in the job market and also the most mature professionals with much experience and that are looking for a replacement. Believing in their potential we stimulate the social inclusion and thus add value to the company, the people and our society.

  •  Basic Information
     Company Name:
    Pinguim Industria e Comercio de Radiadores Ltda
     Company Type:
    Limited Company, LLC
    Corporationis a joint stock company, that is basically a legally constituted business corporation with capital stock.

    Limited Company, LLC is a company that may take the form of a simple company or a business corporation, that is organized to give its owners limited liability.

    Sole Proprietor is someone who owns an unincorporated business by himself or herself.

    Other means any type of entity other than above, which owing to partial or unlimited liability. These include limited partnerships, general partnerships and joint ventures.

     Number of Employees:
    150 to 199
     Year of Establishment:
     Contact Info.
     Contact Person:
    Mr. Roberto Mansur, Diretor Comercio Exterior
     Street Address:
    Rua Madalena de Madureira , 151 -  / Limao
    Sao Paulo / SP
     Postal Code:
    +55 ( 11 ) 3856-6471
    +55 ( 11 ) 3856-6472
     Trade & Market
     Main Markets:
     Total Annual Sales Volume:
    10.000.000 to 19.999.000


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